thewalldvd The Wall: Rome’s Greatest Frontier

Presented by Alistair Moffat & Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

Hadrian’s Wall is the largest single Roman monument in the world and the most impressive Roman legacy north of the Alps. “The Wall” tells the story of Hadrian’s Wall, its makers, its effect and its impact on northern Britain. With more than 24 million stones, its mass is greater than all of the Egyptian pyramids, and its scale is almost beyond grasp. 30,000 soldiers and craftsmen worked for 10 years to complete it, and when the great sea-wall down the Cumbrian coast was completed, it stretched for around 120 miles. Native kings must have shuddered at this amazing barrier. A stunning statement of imperial power – throwing a girdle of stone across the waist of Britain. Set in stunning landscapes, incorporating much new research and taking the story right up to the present day, Alistair Moffat and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson bring this remarkable and intriguing tale to the screen in a unique and fascinating way.

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 reiversdvd-l The Reivers and The Making Of The Borders

Presented by Alistair Moffat and Fiona Armstrong

From the early fourteenth century to the end of the sixteenth, the Anglo-Scottish borderlands witnessed one of the most intense periods of warfare and disorder ever seen in modern Europe. As a consequence of near-constant conflict between England and Scotland, Borderers suffered unimaginably at the hands of marauding armies, who ravaged the land, destroying crops, slaughtering cattle, burning whole settlements and killing indiscriminately. Forced by extreme circumstances, many Borderers took to reiving to ensure the survival of their families and communities. This television series is set in some of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes in the British Isles. Here in the Borderlands, the names of the fighting families are constant reminders of a turbulent past. If your name is one of these, this is your story.A book to accompany this series is also available.

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 beforescotdvd Before Scotland

This is the story of Scotland before history. Beginning 10,000 years ago, it is a beautifully shot record of our prehistory, taking in the spectacular monuments on Orkney and the Isle of Lewis as well as the fortress of Dunadd and the sacred landscape of the Kilmartin Valley in Argyll. When the pioneers came north after the end of the last ice age, settled by the sea and loch shores and along the riverbanks, they began the continuous history of Scotland. The lost sub-continent of Doggerland, now submerged beneath the waves of the North Sea, is a key theme, bringing many of our ancestors from the east. The story continues with the huge and brutal Roman invasion in 77AD, the end of the empire and the rise of the Gaelic-speaking Argyll kings, the men who at last began to talk of Alba, of Scotland.

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 carlisle-l Carlisle – The Two Thousand Year City

Presented by Alistair Moffat

Only two British cities have endured for 2000 years – London and Carlisle. London celebrates its history in continuing power and prestige. Carlisle, on other hand, is often thought of as a quaint northern frontier town that went to sleep sometime shortly after the Border Wars. But now the writer and historian Alistair Moffat brings Carlisle’s forgotten history to life. A City of Gods and Kings, War and Trade. It’s a fascinating study of a City that for two millennia has stood at the crossroads of history.

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 tyneside-dvd-l1 A History Of Tyneside

Presented by Ant and Dec

A History of Tyneside tells that glittering tale, from the retreat of the ice fields 10,000 years ago, the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the stunning achievement of St. Bede of Jarrow, the building of the New Castle in 1080 and the dangerous beginnings of the coal trade to the dizzying growth of the Industrial Revolution, the trials of Newcastle United and its heroes and the ever changing face throughout the twenty-first century.This is the intriguing tale of a unique, magical and dynamic place, and the remarkable people who made it. Includes Re-enactments by Regia Anglorum. A society dedicated to the authentic re-creation of the life and times of the folk who dwelled in and around the isles of Britain around 1000 years ago. This TV series is based on the book Tyneside: A History of Newcastle and Gateshead from Earliest Times by Alistair Moffat and George Rosie, and is presented by Ant and Dec.

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 heartland-l1 Heartland – Images of the Scottish Borders

Stunning aerial photography, sweeping vistas and superb re-enaction bring the story of the Borders alive in this beautiful and evocative film.

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 walking-the-line Walking The Line

With Alistair Moffat and Eric Robson

Alistair Moffat and Eric Robson explore the Border between England and Scotland – they walk 108 miles from the Solway to Berwick.Order from Amazon UK now…

 borders-dvd The Borders: A History of the Borders from Earliest Times

A programme devoted to the Borders, the area of land which lies between England and Scotland where the inhabitants think of themselves as neither Scottish nor English. 8000 years of history are explored with the help of Alistair Moffat.

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